Getting started!

We will be making a platformer game about a sole pirate defending his pirate ship while all of his other mate's are out scavenging. 

So far we've only begun creating some sketches and ideas about the game and overall gameplay. 

As the player, your goal is to attack enemies that are trying to destroy your pirate ship.  As long some of the enemy's still alive, some damage will be applied to the ship's health. To prevent  damage, simply kill the enemies. We haven't decided whether the player's attack type should be melee or ranged (I guess we'll just see to it).

The setting will be on the pirate ship that we're trying to defend. Since the ship will be the thing that you'll see almost all the time, we might as well make it look damn beautiful.  The background setting however, can be diversified (There will be water for sure).

As for the enemy varieties, we are thinking maybe an equal player-sized enemies would be good, but that will get repetitive and boring with time. So maybe there'll be more types of enemies? who knows.

Oh and the title of the game will be "Don't wreck it!". As in don't wreck the ship!

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