Prototype is out!


The prototype for our game is out already, you can download it if you want. Do give us some feedback! 

You can download it on our home page, here's the link :  OR you can just scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to download it (waaay faster).

Anyway, remember the last few weeks when we said that the attack type for our player character would be melee? WELL NOPE, IT'LL BE RANGED INSTEAD! 

As for our prototype, here's the control :

'Z' button to shoot

UP ARROW KEY to jump

LEFT ARROW KEY to go left

RIGHT ARROW KEY to go right

DOWN ARROW KEY to descend from the platform you're standing on

Before you play, let me tell you that the Prototype is still so buggy, character and enemy sprite is N/A so you get to see beautiful boxes instead.

oh and ummm, as for progress, we've made a few things as you can see below :

This is the background image for the first stage of the game, this one here is a static image, we really should make it into a GIF to make it look more dynamic. Combine it with the ship from last week and we should have something like...


Right, so that's it for this week, hopefully the game will be better than what we expected!

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