Prototype update!!!

Hey um... well as you can see in the title, we have updated our prototype!

you can now see your ship's health bar and also the exterior of the ship has been animated and is in the game. Your ship's health will decrease as long as there are some enemies alive. 

controls  :

Use the arrow keys to move around the map, press the spacebar to jump,  press down to go through the platforms beneath you, "Z" to shoot your enemies...

well there are still tons of bugs but worry not, we still have time to finish the game! you still cant go to the interior of the ship and the background is still not animated, the player character and enemies also is not present because of... reasons. BUT now that we have a few weeks left without anymore obstacles in our way, we will definitely make the game in time!

That's it, see you guys next time!

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Dec 22, 2017

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